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Looking for restaurants -- or America's best ice cream -- at Smith Mountain Lake? You'll find two dozen sit-down restaurants, plus a few more that serve "fast food" for optional take-out. Many are seasonal (summer-only) and most are closed at least one day per week; always call to confirm hours. Restaurants are listed alphabetically; those with $$$$ are most expensive:

Lakefront & Lakeview Restaurants

Off-Water Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants

America's Best Ice Cream?

We think that this small local dairy makes America's best ice cream, and the National Ice Cream Retailers Association awarded their chocolate a blue ribbon (first place) in 2016. Homestead's ice cream cones are large and reasonably priced. Cones are available at the dairy in Burnt Chimney (Wirtz), and at a food trailer (summer weekends) located at the "General Store" on Rt. 616 in Westlake (Moneta). You can also buy $5 quarts at the dairy, and at some local food markets (including Kroger). This is a treat that you won't want to miss when you visit Smith Mountain Lake. [No, we have no connection to the dairy.]

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