Dining at Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake offers a diverse culinary scene, featuring everything from classic Italian restaurants to Asian fusion fare, from casual coffee houses to four-star dining experiences.

Photo by Bryce Scott, Rapid Imagery

With numerous places to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, both on and off the water, there’s something to satisfy every taste at Smith Mountain Lake. Enjoy additional spots for cocktails and sweet treats to round out your dining adventures on the lake. Check out all of our dining resources!

wake behind a boat at Smith Mountain Lake

dock, dine & delight

Waterfront Dining Guide

Expert insights into Smith Mountain Lake eateries accessible by boat

wake behind a boat at Smith Mountain Lake

Directory Resource

All Restaurants at SML

A resource to explore all the culinary options the region has to offer

wake behind a boat at Smith Mountain Lake

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Waterfront Restaurant Maps

Access a handy Google map or download our free printable one


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