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We’re excited to announce the launch of the inaugural print edition of the Smith Mountain Lake Insiders’ Guide. It’s worth highlighting “print” because SML Insiders has been the lake area’s trusted online compass since 1998.

With a talented crew of writers, photographers, designers and sales associates, we’re excited to present you with a quarterly publication that captures the true essence of our incredible lake home through expert advice, insider tips, helpful resources and compelling stories of what makes SML so incredibly special—from its breathtaking beauty and diverse recreational opportunities to its fun-filled special events, eclectic residents and dedicated small businesses.

SML Insiders owner Andie Gibson and Jennifer Church
Andie Gibson and Jennifer Church, SML Insiders’ Guide Publishers

Whether you’re a seasoned local, a first-time visitor or are considering making Smith Mountain Lake your part-time or full-time home, the SML Insiders’ Guide promises to be your ultimate companion for exploring all the lake has to offer.

But our journey doesn’t end with ink on paper. We’re harnessing the power of the digital realm to bring you even more—a wealth of online content, including interactive maps, videos, extended stories and additional photos—to enrich your experience beyond the printed page.

You’ll find our magazine distributed for free throughout the lake region, including popular spots like Bridgewater Plaza and Westlake Corner, as well as other key locations where lake lovers gather. You can also flip through the digital version here.

To our loyal supporters who have buoyed us up with their enthusiasm, we extend our heartfelt thanks. It’s your passion that has helped fuel this new initiative, and we can’t wait to share the adventure ahead with you.

SML Insiders owner Andie Gibson and Jennifer Church

Andie & Jennifer

Smith Mountain Lake Insiders’ Guide

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